2022 President’s Message

Welcome back to the Western New York Safety Conference. Just about this time two years ago we were gearing up for the 2020 Conference when SARS-Cov-2 or COVID-19 started its first wave in North America. Little did we know about the roller coaster we were about to ride on.

This year’s conference agenda focuses on the different ways of communicating with people. Our keynote speakers and follow up presenters will provide you with a variety of topics including influencing safety, enhancing your networking and interpersonal skills, employee deception, active killer, HERO Act, ergonomics, marijuana and its effects in the workplace, as well as others.

Between our speaker presentations and the products/services our exhibitors provide, we believe that you will get some good takeaways that will enhance how you communicate.

Congratulations to the Western New York Safety Conference scholarship winners, as well as the recipient of the Waring Award, and the Niagara Frontier American Society of Safety Professionals, Safety Professional of the Year Award.

I would like to say thank you to two long time board members that requested emeritus status. Many of you know Gordon Deleys retired after a long career with OSHA. Gordon started on the Board in 1991. Gerry Bogacz was elected to the Board in 2005, serving in various positions including four years as our President. Both individuals spent countless hours improving the health and safety of Western New Yorkers through their full-time jobs as well as through the Western New York Safety Conference.

On behalf of our Board of Directors we would like to thank you for attending this year’s Western New York Safety Conference.

Paul Jung – President

2019 President’s Message

Welcome to the 83rd annual Western New York Safety Conference. Since our conception in 1935 the Board of Directors have made it their mission to advance health and safety throughout the greater Niagara region and we are glad you are here with us.

This year’s conference agenda focuses on enriching your safety program. Our key note speakers and follow up presenters will provide you with a variety of topics including, managing high risk activities, human performance, organizational culture, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, educational needs, and active threats.

Between our speaker presentations and the products/services our exhibitors provide, we believe that you will get some really good takeaways that will enhance all aspects of safety in your life.

Congratulations to the four Roger L. Palczewski Educational Achievement Award winners as well as the Waring Award and the Niagara Frontier American Society of Safety Professionals Safety Professional of the Year Award recipients.

Thank you to our exhibitors for enhancing this event and to our corporate partners for helping make this conference possible.

On behalf of our Board of Directors we would like to thank you for attending this year’s Western New York Safety Conference.

Paul Jung – President

2018 President’s Message

Reflecting back through the past four years at the Western New York Safety Conference, it is clear the theme of innovation plays an important role in the advancement of work place safety. As we move into the 2018 conference year, we have elected to continue the safety innovation process through team work and collaboration.

The messages our key note speakers and presenters will deliver hits right to the core about the importance of team work and collaboration. Innovation through team work and collaboration is not just limited to safety. It can also help productivity and quality. Imagine an innovation team that can increase production, reduce risk, and enhance quality at the same time.

In the years past, we have had several American Heroes speak at our conference. These included Navy pilot and Astronaut Mark Kelly, Former Commander Mike Abrashoff, and Alison Levine, the first American Women’s Everest Expedition Team Captain. This year, we continue to add to the list of American Heroes as well as other strong speakers and presenters. The list includes three former officers from our military including the commander of the USS Cole that was bombed in Yemen in 2002, a former Blue Angels pilot, and a Medal of Honor recipient.

Along with traditional breakout sessions and exhibitors, we will be having various short rapid fire sessions, where regulators, consultants, and other safety professionals will speak on the problem area trends for new and existing regulations WNY companies are experiencing.

We will be continuing with our 4th Annual Safety Innovation Award as well as the Roger L. Palczewski Educational Achievement Award sponsored by Rosina Foods.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Corporate Partners we invite you to attend and support this tremendous opportunity that brings the innovation process full circle. We look forward to seeing you April 25th and 26th, 2018 at the Seneca Events Center in Niagara Falls, New York.

Paul Jung – President

2017 President’s Message

Over the years we as Directors of WNY Safety Conference have continued to present to the business and industrial community a conference that provides a positive educational experience.  Our success in doing so is measured by the attendees in their feedback which support the basic principle of “what are my take a ways” that will contribute to an improved safety culture and personal growth model.

Reflecting upon the past years of the conference the word “Innovation” remains at the forefront and has become the hallmark in developing the core experience of the conference.  To continue this theme in 2017 we are prepared to set forth another key to “Innovation”.  The ability to reach the highest level of success in this model can only be supported by a single set word defined as “Leadership” the driver for “Innovation”.

I welcome you to join us on April 5th and 6th and continue the journey we set forth with Mark Scharnbrioch,Erik Wahl, Mark Kelly, Joe Sweeney, which helped to enrich our perspective about the world of “Innovation”.  A foundation second to none!

The course has been set and we welcome you to the 81st Conference.  Our selection of keynote speakers will create an energy level which is lead of by, Commander USS Benfold, Mike Abrashoff (retired); Robert (Bob) McCall (retired Duke Energy); Allison Levine, Professional Adventures; Mark A. Everest, Coach Life Specialist.  Individual champions of leadership and collectively the most powerful keynote speakers that will further define a key for “Innovation”.

We are proud of our accomplishments over 80 years and the ability to share with you some remarkable professionals to assist you in achieving your goals professionally and personally.

Gerry Bogacz – President

2016 President’s Message

We are proud of our past 79 years and poised for the future to provide a continuous development format for the safety and human resources professionals of Western New York. When one reflects upon our conference for 2015, the foundation was laid for addressing the concept of “Innovation In Safety.” The strength of this was set forth by our keynote speaker, Erik Wahl, who created an excitement as graphic artist in a process defined as “UNTHINK.” We also provided the Conference Board an opportunity to establish an “Innovation Award” presented to Evans Roofing, who had taken the steps to release its creativity and adopted “UNTHINK” as an approach to a safety opportunity in the workplace. One has to embrace the though process of “No Fear” and there by move forward in accepting the process. As an attendee, the message of our conference going forward is to invoke change.

We have continued to set the bar higher each conference year, and as we enter into our 80th year since our founding, this organization will establish still another milestone. Innovation is all about engagement. Our keynote speaker, Joe Sweeney, has 30+ years of experience starting and leading ventures in investment banking and sports management, including representing professional athletes like Brett Favre. Joe is also the author of Networking Is a Contact Sport which made The New York Times best-seller list. His recently released second book, Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in YourBusiness, Career, and Life, shares a five-year period of being in high demand to share his insights on leadership and life-planning as a result of hundreds of speaking appearances with organizations as diverse as the Navy SEALs, the University of Wisconsin NCAA Final Four mens’ basketball team, and General Electric.

Joe will establish a direction for the attendees to think and challenge themselves to step up their overall game. This connection to individuals will be accomplished by accepting and implementing Innovation & Transformation and carrying it to a new level. The tools will be yours to build a game plan that will help you get clear, get free, and get going to make a difference. The responsibility of you as an attendee is to take a firm grip on growth and development and carry it forward to the serve others which is very powerful. The net result of this positive connection of personal leadership will be a supportive process that will enrich a safety culture.

On behalf of the Board of Directors we welcome you to this year’s Conference of 2016 to join with your fellow professional to enrich the process of Innovation and follow a game plan that accepts open boundaries. Let us measure how far you can Move the Needle in life, on the job, and at home.

Gerry Bogacz – President