A proud legacy of safety

In the winter of 1935, a group of foresighted and safety-minded individuals in this area got together and discussed the importance of safety promotion and education to both workers and management. After several meetings, these safety crusaders organized the Western New York Safety conference. The late Frank Redmond, of the Associated Industries of New York State was elected the first general chairman.

It was their aim to supply information, techniques, and basic administrative assistance to front line supervision through an annual conference and exhibit so injuries in industries and businesses could be reduced to a minimum. They held their first conference and exhibit in the Spring of 1936 and it proved an immediate success.

Over the years, the conference has evolved into an annual exchange of safety, health and environmental information directed toward the first line supervisor, workers, the company administrator with safety and health responsibilities, and the practicing professional. The Western New York Safety Conference today is recognized by both employers and employees alike as an outstanding informative organization that has contributed substantially to the advancement of safety, health, the environment, the worker, and the general public. It has a goal to continue to service the Western New York area to reduce injuries and illness.